Personal development programs


The foundation

Duration 5 months

Dare to choose what feels good and not what the environment indicates as the norm.

Stop worrying about what others think of you.

Dare to say no without feeling bad.

Just be able to say what you think and stand up for your opinion.

Don’t hesitate and do what feels right.

Don’t feel bad if you make a mistake.

8 online sessions

1 free live session 

Life Changer

Duration 10 months

Are you ready for a real life changer?

Have you been walking around for a while with the thoughts that you really want it different, but you don’t know how?

 Then this route is really for you.

In the first phase, you work on increasing your self-knowledge and self-confidence, in order to realize your dreams.

16 online sessions

2 free live sessions

Are you stuck in your relationship, your studies or your work?

You want things to be different, but don’t know how?

 Yes, I want change!

 Then schedule a free online insight talk or sign up for one of the programs.

Are you enthusiastic, but don’t you dare to take the step yet?

My working method appeals to you, but you want to get to know me first?

You don’t know how to change things, but wonder if  this approach is really something for you

Want answers to these questions and more …? 

Free online Masterclass

I want it different, but I don’t know how

Wednesday october 20 (Dutch speaking)

Discover in the FREE online masterclass that:

Change is really easy

 Your difficulties can turn into possibilities


You will receive practical tips to get started right away.

Will you be there?

Free online insight talk

You will discover that change is easy.

You will experience what this support can mean for you.

You will get to know me and my methods.

I can get to know you.

And you get an insight into what you can do and what you can change.

Do this appeal to you?

Schedule a FREE online insight talk.


A live session costs €75

An online session costs €66.50

Sessions last 60 minutes.

If you book an online program, you will receive free live sessions.

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Are you stuck in your studies, at work or in your relationship?

You want things to be different, but don’t know how?

Would you like to know more about the guidance or make an appointment for a session?

Fill in the contact form below or call Life Perspectives direct on +31 (0)6 15341921